Centennial Glen has been described as Australia's rock climbing mecca, the most popular sport climbing area in the Blue Mountains and possibly the country. It has around 150 climbs, with evocative names such as Rubber Lover, Junket Pumper, Better than Life, White Linen, Split Wave and Hip Shake Jerk, catering to a wide range of skills.

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People come to Blackheath for the rock climbing, and some even move here, such as world-class climber Tom O'Halloran, who drove his worldly goods down from Queensland to live near Centennial Glen. 

For the first time sport climbing will be an event in the Tokyo Olympics, postponed due to Covid-19 until 2021. Tom is training hard for the event, and is showing form to be a serious contender. 

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Here's a photo essay on Leah Dempsey, the first woman to successfully climb Better than Life.


Leah Dempsey climbs Better Than Life
Leah Dempsey climbs Better Than Life - photo by Simon Carter

Australia takes its sport very seriously. Let's not destroy a world class venue for a sport at which we excel.