The SCG raises its voice,
For the weigh station long tunnel choice.
It's safe and hygienic,
It keeps the place scenic,
And ought to cut down on the noice,

Not to mention the dieselly smell,
And preserves public spaces as well,
And the gardens and shops,
Where the tourist trade stops,
And the houses where Blackheathens dwell.

Where the smoke is ascending most thickly,
The firies can get there more quickly,
The cops will adore it,
And ambos can floor it,
When anyone feels a bit sickly.

The traffic in town will be thinner,
The truck lobby will be a grinner,
The Nats scratch their backs,
We save rocks and tracks,
And everyone ends up a winner.


In prose, the Save Centennial Glen community supports the long tunnel option because it causes the least damage, and may improve the safety, amenity and liveability of Blackheath. 

We are advocating strongly for a lined tunnel that avoids environmental damage to the water table.