Community activism makes a difference.

Exciting news and a big thanks to everyone.

Today, on October 12, 2020,  Minister Toole announced that the Government will not be building a bypass through Centennial Glen as part of its plan to redevelop the Great Western Highway at Blackheath. What a huge relief! 

Thank you all so much for your support – by being a member of this community, writing submissions, providing finances or just encouraging us with your likes and comments. All of this made a significant difference and the outcome speaks to the power of community activism, as well as a great co-design process run by Transport for NSW and a Minister who listened to community sentiment.

I hope you take a moment to pause and savour this wonderful achievement.

Next steps

The Government still intends to redevelop the Great Western Highway at Blackheath. There are now two options on the table for further consultation – a short tunnel or a long tunnel through Blackheath. See NSW Government Great Western Highway Consultation below.

We will continue to advocate for a long tunnel. This option ensures that through traffic is taken away from Blackheath for the longest distance, improves the safety, liveability and amenity of Blackheath, and does not involve the destruction of property or the installation of ventilation stacks.


Well done, everybody!

Juliet Bourke

NSW Government Media Release

Paul Toole mediarelease 2020-10-12

NSW Government Great Western Highway Consultation

Community consultation on the preferred tunnel option is closed. Transport for NSW is preparing a report on the results for publication in early 2021.

For the Great Western Highway Upgrade virtual community consultation site, see:

The site provides information on the remaining tunnel options, including an animation showing the proposed tunnel portals, a map showing the expected routes, frequently asked questions and answers, and other information. 

For the NSW Government Great Western Highway Upgrade Program information site, see: