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Community activism and consultation has stopped Transport for NSW from building a highway through this beautiful Blue Mountains area.

Community consultation on the preferred tunnel option is now closed. Transport for NSW is preparing a report on the results of the consultation. See the Great Western Highway Upgrade Program virtual information room.



May 3 2021: TfNSW has proposed an 11km tunnel as the central component of an upgraded Great Western Highway between Katoomba and Lithgow. See Great Western Highway Upgrade Plan, Katoomba to Lithgow. TfNSW is investigating a tunnel from south of Evans Lookout road, under Blackheath and Mt Victoria, to emerge at Little Hartley. If that tunnel is not viable, "the community can be assured that we would proceed with a tunnel at Blackheath and a tunnel at Mount Victoria," according to NSW Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Paul Toole.

October 30 2020: TfNSW extended to November 28th 2020 the deadline for submissions on preferred tunnel option. 

October 12 2020: Centennial Glen Saved! The NSW Government will not be building a bypass through Centennial Glen. For more, see our article Centennial Glen Saved!

19 August 2020: TfNSW gave us a direct, clear and public assurance that they had heard and understand our emphatic rejection of the Centennial Glen and Station Street options, and these options should not progress any further. See BCC Update, 2020-08-19.

Saturday 27th July 2020: Many community groups have formed an alliance to Save Blackheath, Station Street and Centennial Glen. Here is the Save Blackheath, Station Street and Centennial Glen flyer.

Here's a video by Monty Curtis about what Centennial Glen means to him and his son.

Some friends put together a catchy R&B song, about the highway project: Concrete and Steel - Great Western Highway Blues.


Centennial Glen is our Australian rock climbing mecca.



For other news and discussion on the issue, see the Save Centennial Glen Facebook Group.

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Why save it? See Save Centennial Glen Final Submission.

What are the road plans? See What is Transport for NSW Planning?

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